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As mortgage professionals we offer clients Independent, Objective mortgage financing advice and One-Stop Shopping. We research the market for the Best Rates, products and options from a broad range of institutional lenders, all competing for your business. Our services are provided Free of Charge to qualified borrowers.

We pride ourselves on being a company that has your best interests at heart and are committed to providing assistance from start to finish. OnLine Mortgage provides assistance for mortgage Switches/Transfers, Purchases, Refinances, Pre-Approvals.

SWITCH: Transferring mortgages from one institution to another for a more aggressive rate savings. Did you know...most lenders only guarantee renewal rates for 30 days? Switch approvals can provide up to 120 day rate protection.

PURCHASE: If your thinking of purchasing a home within 120 days (4 months) you should be rate protected via pre-approval.

REFINANCE: Unlock equity for debt consolidation, vacation, school tuition, auto, cottage, renovation, investments, etc.

Whether purchasing or refinancing, each person represents a unique financing situation. Our Professional and Knowledgeable Staff can select the right match for the best results. Throughout the process we act as a liaison between yourself and the lender to ensure successful completion. Making the right choice now could potentially Save Thousands of After Tax Dollars. We invite you to experience the difference OnLine Mortgage can make so please do not hesitate to contact us.



Best Online Mortgage Rates

  (Current Rate As Of January 24, 2017 )
Mortgage Posted Discounted
Prime Rate2.70%2.70%
3 Year Variable2.70%2.10%
5 Year Variable2.70%2.15%
Secured Line Of Credit3.70%3.20%
6 Month Convertible3.14%3.10%
1 Year Closed3.04%2.39%
2 Year Closed2.84%2.14%
3 Year Closed3.44%2.34%
4 Year Closed3.89%2.59%
5 Year Closed4.64%2.49%
5 Year Close Within30 Days2.49%
7 Year Closed5.30%3.19%
10 Year Closed6.10%3.79%

(Rates subject to change without notice.)

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Let us show you how to protect yourself up to 120 days in advance of your renewal date.


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